About Me


You can call me Ari if you want. Or if you don’t then don’t.

It’s been a long time coming. This blog has been in the works (by in the works I mean held up in the crazy mess that is my brain) for a long time now. I am currently spending my spring semester abroad in Florence, Italy and traveling around Europe on weekends. While I will no doubt be posting about travel from time to time, I didn’t want travel to be the sole focus of this blog, which is why I decided to wait until my 4-month globe trotting stint came to an end to do this thing. The time has FINALLY come for me to let all these ideas step out of my brain and out into the world.

Things you need to know:

I am a New Englander, born and raised and I am currently studying marketing at Providence College (go Friars) in Providence, Rhode Island, and living in Massachusetts. I love my friends, family & boyfriend more than anything.

Things you might want to know:

I am the definition of a beach bum (I think a piece of my soul permanently resides in the ocean). Eating really good food is a favorite hobby of mine. People talk about a love so big it can’t be put into words- I have that for dogs. I love style and makeup, and constantly strive for a balance between looking classic and on trend. My drink of choice is a gin & tonic. Coffee order: dark roast (blueberry in the summertime) with milk only. I attend about an average of 10 country music concerts every summer, and Kenny Chesney is my favorite every time (#NoShoesNation). I want to be a morning person so badly but I just can’t.

If you want to know a little bit more about why I chose the name Old Soul, Young Spirit for this blog, check out my first post. If you want to know why I created this blog, I’ll tell ya right here, right now. I have a passion for all things lifestyle. I am intrigued by how people live their lives, what they like, and what they do to give different areas of their lives meaning- whether it be fashion, DIYs, recipes, favorite spots, favorite pastimes, whatever. I also really enjoy my lifestyle, and I think it’s kind of cool. That’s why I decided to start sharing it. I hope you guys like it and think it’s cool too, and I can’t wait to explore what you all have to share about your lifestyles.

Talk to ya soon!

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