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Book Review: The Magnolia Story

“I wonder sometimes if we know ourselves a lot better than we think we do when we’re children. We get into our teen years and college years, and so many of us let others redefine who we are, or we get lost along the way and have no idea what we really want to do with our lives. But once we finally figure it out, it often seems easy to look back into our childhoods and find a few clues that say, “Hey, maybe you were headed in that direction all along.” –The Magnolia Story

So I finally finished reading The Magnolia Story on my flight home from St. Louis earlier this month (check out my post to read all about that trip!) and I was so sad for it to end. I am a sucker for anything having to do with Chip and Jo, and I know I am not alone on that one. Their relationship is so genuine, and their book gives even more insight into how it all started for the two of them. I feel like after reading more about everything they have gone through to get where they are today, I understand how they can maintain such a strong and down to earth relationship with one another, despite all of the success they have had recently.

But my favorite part of their story were the stories of their true entrepreneurial spirit that becomes so evident after learning about every project and business venture that they have taken on. From the little projects to the bigger ones, and the successes to the failures, they never seemed to give up on making their own dreams come true when it came to their businesses and doing what they were good at. I think the opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur is something that is somewhat unique to our society, and they have become pros at making their own businesses work just by following their passions and sticking true to themselves and their values. I aspire to do the same in my life!

Speaking of, I loved reading about how they were able to find their way to their true passions and grow their skills, especially in Joanna’s story. From her realization that journalism was not the path for her, to opening up her first shop, to finding her style and becoming an interior design genius, she really has herself figured out, and that is a tough thing to do. I think the quote that I started off this post with describes this notion perfectly, and reading their story really makes you turn inward and think about what you are good at and what passions of your own are worth pursuing with everything you’ve got. It seems like their ability to root themselves in who they truly are is what makes it so easy for them to remain true to themselves and live the lifestyle that we all covet so much.

I have always aspired to own my own business some day, and I still do. I am waiting for that lightbulb to go off that will show me the way to exactly what I should be doing or what kind of business I might own, and reading their story made me feel content and confident that if it is meant to happen than someday it will. Their faith and determination in their journey is what allowed them to make it to where they are today, and that is something that I think is really unique.

So whether you love Chip and Jo, you want to learn more about their uber-cute relationship, or you love a good entrepreneurial success story, I would highly recommend this book! It’s an easy and lighthearted read that will leave you feeling content and inspired (or at least it did for me). They have a truly great story to tell, and they tell it in such an entertaining way. I also have become a sucker for their quarterly publication The Magnolia Journal. Hands down the best magazine I have read, so definitely check that out too. Summertime is here again, so be sure to leave your book recommendations down below!

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