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Kitchen Table DIY

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you all the last project I tackled on my winter break this year. Breaks are always a good time to cross some bigger projects off of my to-do list, and my kitchen table was at the top of my list. I live in an apartment above my parents’ house, and when I moved in they had a few pieces of furniture already up there. The kitchen table was one of them, and although I was thankful not to have to buy one, I couldn’t wait to update it.

The table is made of a light pine wood, and it looked pretty worn from years of being used. The floors and cabinets in the kitchen are the same basic color, and it made for an overwhelming amount of light wood in a small space. Here is how it started off:


Even just looking at photos makes me remember how much I disliked the way the table looked before. I knew I wanted it to be white, but I wanted it to have more of a weathered and worn look to it. So I started by removing the finish that was already on the table. I had to do this inside, so I really didn’t want to sand it and have dust everywhere, so I decided to try the liquid deglosser in the photo above. Gloves and open windows were necessities with this stuff. I used a bunch of old rags and went over the two chairs and the table three times. You definitely need to be generous with this stuff to get it to remove the finish, and it was still not completely gone after the third coat. But it was pretty easy and it got the job done. I went through a few pairs of latex gloves because this stuff is pretty strong and will eat right through them, and several rags as well.

So because I wanted the table to be a weathered white, I try staining the table with an antique white stain to give it a white washed look. I should have known before even attempting this that the wood was too light for it too work, but hey, you live and you learn. Here is what the chair looked like after 3 coats of the stain:


The one on the left has the stain, and the one on the right is the original chair. As you can see, it doesn’t look much different, and it certainly doesn’t look white. So I scratched that and went with a whole new plan. My new plan was to paint it white and then sand some spots down to give in the worn look that I was going for. I used an Olympic paint in the color “Windswept” with a flat matte finish, and I used foam brushed to do the painting. The color is a very bright white, with cooler blue undertones.


I ended up doing two coats of the paint and not really needing to sand it afterwards to get the look I wanted. After applying the second coat, I noticed that you could still kind of see the wood through the brush strokes in the paint, and I love the way it looks. Something about it makes it look a little unfinished and not so perfect, and that is exactly what I was going for. It did, however, make it important to pay attention to the direction of the brush strokes when I was painting. I made sure they were all going in the same direction across the whole length of the surface so it seems a little more intentional as opposed to looking messy. Check out how it came out!


It is so much brighter than before and I love it! The matte finish looks amazing but feels a little weird to the touch, so I may end up sealing it- we will see. It made it so fun to spruce it up, too. I used the same napkin holder and cute placemats from Tj Maxx that I had on my table before. I grabbed some gerbera daisies from Trader Joe’s and cute soy candle- it’s all very simple but looks bright, fresh and super cute (plus, who doesn’t smile when they see daisies in a mason jar?). This candle has a sage and fig scent, from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company. I got it a Tj Maxx, if you can find it, get it! It smells amazing.

Hope you liked this post, and my kitchen table’s humble transformation! Next on the list is to tackle the green countertops from 80’s hell…

Talk to you soon,

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