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Warm & Cozy Winter Decor

Hi everyone,

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season so far- I can’t believe how fast time is flying. For this post, I was inspired by Arhaus to put together a mood board to help excite you all with a few ways to warm up your decor for the winter & holidays. I tend to keep my decor pretty neutral for most of the year, but the holidays are the perfect time to throw in a some fun, warm, colorful pieces. You can add some winter warmth anywhere in your space, but my favorite ways are with textures and lighting, and food of course. I have included some photos from the Arhaus instagram page, as well as some photos of my own favorite ways to bring the winter holidays into my home. Let’s get inspired!


Lighting is a great way to add warmth throughout your space. When winter time comes around, I like to incorporate candles and string lights anywhere I can! While bright and fresh lighting is great in the warmer months, I love a cozy glow in the winter time.

Check out my post on how I made these J-O-Y jars, and a few other ways to use them (although I think the tea lights add the perfect glow). I also love the way a Christmas tree looks all lit up, especially at night. There is no cozier feeling that seeing a cute twinkling little tree!


I love that Arhaus has such unique lighting options. I am obsessed with the gold tones of these hanging lights; paired with the crystals, these scream holiday warmth. This hanging pendant light is also perfect for warming up a space for the holidays and would look amazing hanging over a big dining room table.

Dining & Entertaining-

Everyone entertains so much more around the holidays, and there is no better way to spruce up your space for entertaining than with a really fun table setting. Its a great way to combine some of the most fun parts of decorating for the holidays! You can add some pretty place mats, glowy candles, fresh greens, and of course- wine!

These placemats are so awesome! They have a little sparkle to them which I think makes them very holiday appropriate, however the color is neutral enough to use them all winter long. Not to mention, placemats make for super easy clean up if you’re entertaining- just shake them off outside and you’re good to go. I swapped out my summertime mermaid stemless wine glasses for these ‘Cheers’ ones- such a great Dollar Spot find from Target. And these napkins make for a really fun conversation starter! Throw it all together and you have a perfect table setting for any holiday dinner or party.


The greens on this table setting add so much to the overall look. It gives the table a fresh feel and a little touch of color, but still feels just right for the holiday season. Pop some trimmings in a vase, a bowl, or scatter them around the table like they did here!

Cozy Couches-

If you’re anything like me, once the leaves fall off all of the trees, and the sun sets before 5pm, all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix endlessly. I love to fill my couch with fluffy pillows and soft throws. Here are some ideas for creating a cozy couch, and some of my own cozy blankets and pillows:


Like I mentioned, I tend to keep things pretty neutral with my decor, but when I add a pop of color, I love to do it with red (this totally goes for clothes too)! It works out well that red is totally fitting for the holidays.

Arhaus has some sectional sofas that are absolutely to die for! I will link my favorites here, here, and here. Add a throw blanket and a bunch of throw pillows, are your couch space instantly looks warmer for the winter season.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and that the photos gave you some ideas for how you can bring some cozy holiday warmth into your home this winter. Comment below with some of your favorite ways to warm up your home this time of year, I’d love to hear!

While this post was not sponsored, I did gather some inspiration from Arhaus to create this mood board for you guys! Check out their instagram (@arhausfurniture), and mine (@old_soul_young_spirit) to get some more inspiration and share ideas. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Talk to you soon,

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