Fall Beauty Must Haves

Today I am going to share with you guys my favorite beauty products for the fall season. Fall seems to be everyone’s favorite season for makeup and beauty and it is for sure mine. I don’t have a favorite in every category because some things I don’t switch up season to season. My favorite fall products tend to be eyeshadows, blushes, and of course lip products. So here’s the roundup:



My favorite eyeshadow palette for the fall season is hands down the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


The shadows in this palette are for the most part warm toned shades, aka super fall friendly. For the daytime, I like to use Salted Caramel in my crease and Marzipan all over my lid. For night I like to do that same combo, and mix Hazelnut and Haute Chocolate to put in the outer part of my lid. Orrrrrr, I will put Milk Chocolate in the crease, Creme Brûlée on my lid, and Haute Chocolate on the outer v of the lid. Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel and great to mix and put on the lower lash line. There are just so many great warmer toned eye looks you can create with this palette.


The first one is a new one for me, and it is a matte ColourPop blush in the shade Flush’d. It’s a really pretty darker mauvey rose color. The formula is really creamy, so this blush looks really good with a matte face look because it’s still matte, but it is a dewier matte.

The second blush is a Milani baked blush in the shade Rose D’Oro. This may be one of the best blushes I have ever used in my life (second of course to Nars Orgasm), and it is super affordable. It’s a baked blush, so it looks really natural on the skin, and the color is the perfect shimmery rose shade. This one is a definite must have, and I have found a lot of Milani products that I really like.



Okay so I will go in order from left to right of the swatches. First up are two Mac lipsticks, Rebel and Dark Side. Rebel is a more purple, berry toned lip color that builds up really well into a dark berry- so perfect for fall. Dark Side is a classic dark reddish brown fall shade. As the name suggests, this thing is dark. I love it for a vampy look with a matte brown eye look. Must haves for fall!

Next is the Lorac lipstick in the shade Secret Agent. I love how this lipstick is matte, but it feels moisturizing and comfortable and is super long lasting. It smells delicious too, like a Mac lipstick on crack. It is a really pretty darker brown shade, but the under tones are a little more red than another favorite that I will talk about next.

Which is…. the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Bow n’ Arrow. This is a go to for me year round, but especially in the fall. This thing will last on your lips for like, years. I especially like to wear it on holidays (like Thanksgiving) because you can put it on in the morning and it will last all day, even through drinking and stuffing your face. What more do you really need from a lip product?

Finally, the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Tiramisu. These lip glosses are all I will ever need in my life, and again from another great, affordable brand. This one is a great fall shade too. They are just delicious smelling and tasting, and a really moisturizing formula. Just buy it in all the shades, but get this one especially for the fall.

The last one (not swatched) is another Milani product (I’m telling you, it is a really good drugstore brand), and it’s this Color Statement Lip Liner in the shade 04 All Natural. It is a great brown-nude lip liner that pairs well with other lipsticks, or you can fill in your whole lip with it. These lip liners are really highly pigmented for a drugstore lipliner.

(I also feel like I should throw in an honorable mention for Clinique Black Honey as a great everyday fall shade. It deserves it.)

Body Product:

This one is a random extra, but I am in love with this Fresh Cream body lotion from Philosophy. Like so incredibly in love, it just might be my favorite thing on the entire planet. Read a full rave about it on my Perfume Tray post. It smells like the most delicious vanilla frosting smell, it is just so dreamy.

That’s it for my fall beauty essentials. Talk to you guys soon!

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5 thoughts on “Fall Beauty Must Haves

  1. The Lorac Secret Agent, MAC Rebel and the Chocolate Bar Too Faced palette are all so pretty! I also love that you included a lotion. Moisturizing is so important as the weather gets colder.

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