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Hit & Miss Product Review

I am back with another hit & miss product review post! This time around the miss wasn’t a huge disappointment because it has already been replaced, but the hit was major. Let’s jump right into the reviews.


I will save the best for last and start with the miss. So back in my summer haul post I mentioned that I had ordered some candles online at Nordstrom from the brand Voluspa for $21. It was a set of three mini candles and it was from their ‘Maison Blac’ collection. When they arrived, they had all melted and there was wax all over the packaging and oil all over the candles. It was a super hot summer, so I can’t complain too much about that- but it was not a great first impression. If you do purchase these, I wouldn’t recommend ordering online.

 The bigger issue that I had with these is that the candles burn straight through in like 20 minutes. By straight through, I mean all the wax in the entire candle melts completely right away. It freaked me out at first, and I thought maybe it was just the first one I burned, but they all did that. Here is what they look like 15-20 minutes after I light them:


This might be normal for these types of candles, but it freaked me out! Aside from that, they don’t smell very strong. When I light a candle, I like to be able to smell it throughout my entire apartment. I have some smaller votive candles that I can light and smell up my entire apartment, so when I lit these and they burned weird and didn’t smell strongly I was less than impressed. I also think these candles are a little pricey for what they are. The only positive I can find about them is the super cute packaging. Overall, I really wouldn’t recommend purchasing them.

I would, however recommend candles from a few other places. Obviously Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle are great, but lately I have been LOVING candles from Pier 1. They are seriously so great, the scents are awesome, and they are a very reasonable price for what they are. My favorite scent ever is Coconut Isles. It’s sort of a warm vanilla-y coconut smell that I just love. For sure check them out! And make sure to leave me some of your favorite candles down below (I am a candle hoarder).

Now for the good stuff:

You guys, this ColourPop brow pencil…


It is so incredibly amazing. There are almost no words, but I am going to try to find them for you all.

I got the pencil in the shade Banging’ Brunette, and it is the perfect match for my brows. The spool at the end is just the right size for eyebrows and blends the product out so well after you apply it. The product itself is really smooth and blendable, and the pencil is so small, which makes it easy to be precise with it and get exactly the shape that you want. The issue I have with a lot of brow products is that towards the end of my brow where it is more skin than brow hairs, a lot of brow products will wear off the skin throughout the day. This pencil doesn’t do that- I can leave the house for 10 hours and it looks exactly the same when I get home as it did when I left. I will say that you have to use a lighter hand with it otherwise it can be a bit too intense, but overall it really is such an amazing product. The best part is it’s only 5 bucks. I mean, come on. You’ve gotta try it guys!

So that’s it for this hit & miss product review post. Let me know if you guys have had any big hits or misses lately! Talk to you soon.

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