Back to School Organization & Essentials

Every year I feel so conflicted about going back to school. I am always sad to see the summer come to an end, but I really enjoy getting back into a routine every fall. Getting into a good routine every school year is what keeps me sane, and staying organized is key to developing a good routine that you can stick to. This year it is more important to me than ever to stay organized since I am commuting to school, working nights and weekends, trying to keep up with my blog, and tackling my senior year of college. Here are all the things that help me stay organized and prevent me from losing my mind throughout the semester:


For starters, my planner is #1 MVP in keeping my organized. In here, I write down all of my homework assignments, my shifts at work, important due dates, and meeting times. This way I can look at everything by week or by month, and making sure I am not missing anything or forgetting to do anything.

Generally I am not a fan of anything Lilly Pulitzer (my style is way more neutral and basic than anything Lilly ever is), but I am for sure a fan of the planners. I am pretty picky about my planners, but I love that these are spiral bound so I can fold it back, and the cover holds up better than most planners do. The stickers are a fun way to make it seem like the millions of things I have to do are a little more fun and exciting. I will say, I wish that the layout of the weeks was slightly different. Lilly, if you’re listening, I need a place to make lists for things other than daily assignments and meetings. A spot at the beginning of every week to write grocery lists, general to do list, and organize other things would be awesome! Other than that, this planner is a must for me.

The little black and gold notebook from Target is what I use to keep things organized for work. I just started a new job, so I use this to write down training notes, things to remember, my schedules, and tasks I need to complete while I am at work. Again, spiral bound was an essential for me and I love the cover.

My “This Week” notepad was something that I purchased from the dollar spot at Target, and this is what I use in place of the weekly section that I wish my Lilly planner had. Here is where I plan things like laundry, cleaning, shipping out Postmark orders, and writing blog posts. As much as I wish this was in my planner, this little pad is super cute. Sometimes I will tear it out and paper clip it in my planner, so it works well.

Side note: I use my computer to keep organized too. I make A LOT of excel spreadsheets, so those help me organize more specific things throughout the semester.


I also have a few smaller essentials that I use every semester. The Papermate Flair pens are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are sort of like marker pens, but they don’t bleed through paper at all. The bold colors make it super easy to see what I have to do, and they make it easy to color code, too. I also like them for making things like flashcards and outlines for my classes. I always keep a good stick of these with me.

Any organization freak has a favorite pen. Mine is the BIC Atlantis EXACT Fine pen. I can’t explain to you why, it just is.

Finally, I have sticky notes everywhere. I use them to write notes about things that I think of at random times (like blog post ideas, or a point I want to make in an essay), and also to make lists (again, since there isn’t anywhere in my planner). I stick them in every place imaginable. They are in my planner, on my desk, in my notebooks, on the back of my phone, etc. Seriously, everywhere.

So those are all of my must haves to keep my head screwed on correctly throughout the school year. Let me know your favorite back to school & organization essentials!

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