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Apartment Update: Bathroom Refresh

Hi guys! Here is your first peek inside my apartment. At the beginning of the summer I moved into the apartment that is right on the third floor of my family’s house. It is super nice because I have my own space yet I am still close to my parents and my sister. I am commuting to school for my senior year so living up here has been huge. After living on campus for three years I have gotten used to having my own space and studying in a quiet area.

Because my landlords are my parents, I am able to make a lot of updates to the space. I have done a ton of painting and made some small changes throughout the apartment, but the bathroom is the biggest ‘project’ I have taken on so far. When I moved up here, the bathroom was painted a really dull tan color, and a lot of the fixtures were beyond dated.

Here is the before (sorry for the horribly bright light coming through the window):


It was bad, I know. I had already started to update some of the fixtures before I took these photos, like the toilet paper holder and the towel rack. There were wooden ones in there before, and you can see the white spots on the walls where the old ones used to be. I replaced them with a bronze hardware set that looks so much better. There was a medicine cabinet with horrible vanity lights over it, and a wooden cabinet over the toilet. It was way too much light wood for my liking, and I was itching to make it look more fresh and updated.

Here is how my bathroom looks now:


I am in love with how it came out! With out even intending too, I always seem to gives my spaces sort of a beachy vibe. The inner beach bum in me always finds a way to peek through. I painted the room a bright and airy blue/gray color (it is Behr paint in the shade Ash Blue).  I hate any color on my walls that makes a space feel dark or dull, so this was the perfect choice. It always feels bright in here now. Updating the color alone made it feel like a completely new room, but I still wanted some of the other fixtures to feel more updated.

I made a few smaller updates by replacing the shower curtain and moving the hooks that I had hanging to the right of my sink up a little higher. I want to get something to hang from each of them-  I haven’t decided if I want to make some little DIY terrariums, or go with a sort of hanging glass lantern type thing with maybe some candles inside. Let me know if you guys have any ideas! The shower curtain is a light gray and white striped linen curtain from Target.


Over the sink, I replaced the medicine cabinet with a large oval mirror and a single vanity sconce light. I like to keep things looking simple, so these two were just right to make the area feel more new while still staying fairly basic. The only tricky part was having to rearrange where I store all of my face and hair products that I had been keeping in the medicine cabinet.

The hanging cubby holes that I used to replace the cabinet over the toilet are my favorite piece. I bought this at Home Goods and I love the way it looks sort of worn and weathered. It was fun to choose little pieces to go in each cubby. I filled them with a few perfumes and some candles, and a couple of other little things. One of my favorites is the little sign that I got down in Cape Cod that says “The Mermaid Is In” – I have always had a thing for mermaids.

I also have a thing for mason jars. I love having plants and greenery every space in my apartment, so I put the little spider plant that I am growing for a friend up on top in a mason jar. In the top left and the bottom center cubbies I took smaller mason jars and filled them up about an inch and a half with clear marbles, and then put little votive candles on top. I love how many different things you can do with jars!

Hope you guys enjoyed this home/decor post, and I can’t wait to do some more in the future as I make more changes!

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