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Apartment Update: Bathroom Refresh

Hi guys! Here is your first peek inside my apartment. At the beginning of the summer I moved into the apartment that is right on the third floor of my family’s house. It is super nice because I have my own space yet I am still close to my parents and my sister. I am commuting to… Continue reading Apartment Update: Bathroom Refresh


Hit & Miss Product Review

So I was going to review each of these products separately, and then I decided to combine the reviews into a collective post featuring both products at once. Since I love one, but I am not too fond of the other, I figured I would try to keep a good balance of the good and the… Continue reading Hit & Miss Product Review

Beauty · DIY

How To: Balayage Your Own Hair

So as I mentioned in my last post about my haircare favorites, I have been dyeing my own hair for about two years now. The first time I changed the color of my hair, I dyed it a really dark brown that had some red undertones and quickly learned that super dark hair is not… Continue reading How To: Balayage Your Own Hair


Haircare Essentials & Routine

Haircare is one of my favorite things to test out and talk about. I have a pretty good lineup of ride-or-die products that I have been using for a while now, so I thought I would share them with you guys and tell you a bit about why they are my faves. I have been… Continue reading Haircare Essentials & Routine

Books · Summer Read Series

Summer Reads: The Girl on the Train

I am so far behind the hype with this one. The Girl on the Train has been on my to-read list for so long now, and hearing that they are making a movie out of it finally led me to push it to the top of my list. I had really high hopes for it, and I still… Continue reading Summer Reads: The Girl on the Train

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Lemongrass & Brown Sugar Body Scrub DIY

My favorite body scrub of all time was one that I got while I was working at Crabtree & Evelyn when I was in high school. It was from their “Naturals” line and it was called the Botanical Body Scrub in the lemongrass & brown sugar collection. They discontinued the line, and last summer I… Continue reading Lemongrass & Brown Sugar Body Scrub DIY


Beauty & Skincare Care Haul

I haven’t been buying a ton of beauty stuff lately, however I recently did a little shopping mostly to replace things I ran out of, and a few new things just to try. New beauty things are always fun and exciting to try out, and there is nothing better than the feeling of having fresh… Continue reading Beauty & Skincare Care Haul