Side Hustle: Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online

Hi Guys.

I love a good side hustle as much as the next guy, so I thought I would share with you all some of my tips for my favorite side hustle- selling my clothes online. I have been doing this for over a year and a half now and I have made a pretty decent amount of beer & shopping money doing it. It’s a double whammy too; you can clean out your closet and get rid of things you don’t/shouldn’t wear, and you can earn some money off of your old stuff.

 So before attempting to sell any of your stuff, I would first recommend going through your closet(s) and purging. As you go through each item, I would say to keep the following questions in mind: ‘Does it fit me or will it ever fit me again?’ and be honest with yourself. If no, then it’s out. ‘Have I worn this at all this season?’ and if the answer is no, then you can probably get rid of it. Or if you have worn it, ask yourself, ‘Do I wish that I didn’t wear this?’ and if the answer is yes then please get rid of it. The final question (and I would say the hardest one to ask) is, even if you do like the piece, ask yourself, ‘Is this my style?’ So many times I buy things because I think they look pretty, but I never wear them because they just aren’t my style (My Kate Spade ‘Maise’ handbag that I just listed on Poshmark). These can be the hardest to get rid of, but I would argue they are the most important. Figuring out your style is a big deal, but sticking to it can be even harder. Just know that there is someone else out there who will love your piece as much as you want to! And that’s where the selling comes in…

Once you have a pile of everything in your closet that you have decided to part ways with, it’s time to decide what to sell, and how to sell it. I used to use eBay to sell things, but I have found that it’s not the best for selling clothes. So this past fall I made an account on Poshmark, and ever since then I have been doing all my selling on there. Shipping is way easier and it’s a better marketplace to sell clothing than eBay is.

For starters, you need to figure out which items are worth trying to sell. You’re stuff isn’t going to list/sell/ship itself, so the process can be somewhat time consuming and may require a good amount of effort. Here are my two main criteria when deciding what to sell:

  1. If the label or brand is one that people will recognize, sell it. If not, donate.
  2. Is the item in good condition? Would you want to buy if you were on the site? My friend sold a pair of ratty old pink UGG slippers for $5. After Poshmark took their commission, she made $2.05. If you ask me, not worth the effort of packaging them up and driving to the post office- toss ‘em.

Once you decide what you want to sell, it’s time to actually sell it. Here are my tips for that piece:

  1. Never has the cheesy old phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words” been more true. Make sure you are taking good quality photos that give an accurate and flattering portrayal of the item. Don’t add filters that alter the color of the item and position the item in a way that makes it look If it’s clothing, try wearing it and having someone take a photo of you in it to give the best representation to the potential buyer, and to give yourself a chance to style it and make it look good. Unless it doesn’t fit you anymore (90% of the reason I sell my stuff). Finally, include as many photos as you can, from as many angles as you can. Assume that most people buying used clothing & accessories want to make a really informed decision.
  2. Create a detailed description of the item, for the same reasons you should include a lot of photos- to inform potential buyers. If you have to look up style names or style numbers for bigger items, or names of patterns, prints or colors, DO IT. It is well worth the time and energy. You’ll reach more people shopping for specific items, too. Make sure you include info about in missing pieces or flaws (ie. A scratch on a handbag or a missing button) and mention anything that comes with it (ie. A dustbag for a handbag).
  3. Price the item right. Take into consideration the style, brand, quality, and condition of the item, as well as what it would retail for in store today. Based on this information, determine how much money you would be comfortable parting with the item for, and then list it for 10-20% higher. This is because you should assume that people are going to make offers and try and negotiate. A few other things to keep in mind about pricing- if the price you think you can get for it is really low, maybe consider donating instead of selling (*cough* pink UGGs *cough*), you can’t put a price on good karma. And finally, don’t forget to take into account any fees or commissions that the site will take when pricing your item!
  4. The last steps are to list it and make sure you are sharing/marketing it as much as you can! The more people see it, the better your chances of selling it! Lastly, once it sells make sure you package it safely and nicely and ship in a timely manner. Then you can smile all the way to the bank.

I am currently going through the process of cleaning and organizing my closet in an effort to create a bit of a more mature wardrobe. I have sold a bunch of stuff and used the extra cash to add some cool new pieces to my closet. One last little tip I have for you is to make sure you aren’t selling anything that you like and will regretting parting with just because you think it’ll sell for a good price and you want some cash in your pocket now. The only thing worse than the regrets we have over things we didn’t buy, are the regrets over the things we once had and no longer do, but we really really wish we still did. Amiright?

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now, sorry for all the words. If you guys want to check out my closet on Poshmark to see how I sell stuff or to shop, my closet is under aaroy52! Hope to see you there.



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