10 Summer Fashion Essentials



So here is my first fashion post for you guys! I am super excited about this because fashion is one of my favorite things ever. I decided to put together all of my summertime fashion essentials to share with you guys. These are mostly things that I have had for a few summers now, so they are tried and true. I like to keep basics like these in my wardrobe, and then every summer add in some trendier pieces. I’ll do a separate post for those soon! (a few things are coming in the mail and my sixth sense is telling me they are gonna make the list of must haves for this summer, so I update you guys with that post after they come in). So without further ado…


  1. Black Maxi Dress: This is a summer go to. Mine is strapless, so I can wear it during the daytime on a hot summer day, or pair it with my denim jacket in the evening. I also like to tie up the bottom into a knot at about mid-calf- it makes it look like a completely different dress.
  2. Denim Cut Offs: An obvious staple. These ones are from Free People, and I love how soft and worn in the denim already looks. Perfect for country concerts during the summer (one of my favorite pass times), or I love to wear them with just a bikini top when I’m by the pool or going to the beach.
  3. Loose White Tank: I love this version from Halogen that I got from Nordstrom, because it’s light and flow feeling and it has a v-neck (who doesn’t like to show a little more skin in the summer). Great with shorts during the day, or some dark denim and a necklace for a date night.
  4. Y-necklace: I got this version from Baublebar and I think it looks so delicate, yet sexy at the same time. Paired with a v-neck like the shirt above, you can create a simple and classy, yet sexy look. Just add a summer glow on the chest and décolletage  and you’re golden.
  5. Ray Ban Aviators: A classic for anytime during the year, but especially during the summertime. Beach essential, nuff said.
  6. Rainbows: These shoes tho. They are the comfiest shoes I own, and that’s including sneakers. I wear them nonstop (you can probably tell they look well-loved). A casual classic for the summertime.
  7. Jack Rogers Georgica Sandals: Not gonna lie to you, these shoes are nowhere near comfortable. But, they are great because they look a little fancier than most flat sandals do. I love the black too, because they don’t look as preppy as most Jacks (not my style).
  8. Kate Spade pouches: Okay I love these. I work at a Kate Spade Store so I have a lot of these pouches and they are one of my favorite things we have. The striped one looks so summery (blue and white stripes, duh), and works great as a clutch. the yellow one is a coated vinyl, so it works great as a cosmetic case. Perfect to fill up and throw in your beach bag to save space and keep your stuff clean and organized. Such a must for me!
  9. A lightweight scarf: Really awesome for a breezy day, or to take with you when you go out at night. Throw it over your shoulders for a cute little wrap to keep you warm, yet not look like anything is weighing you down. I got this one at a market while I was studying abroad in Florence!
  10. A Panama Hat: I live in this thing. It is just so cute and reminds me of Lauren Conrad, which is always a good thing. I got this one in Madrid, but you can find them a lot of places because straws hats in all styles are so on trend right now. They offer great sun protection, and I get really bad headaches in the sun, so this helps with that too. Hats are the perfect summer accessory because the make your outfit more interesting without adding layers in the heat.

So that’s everything! I couldn’t survive a summer without these 10 things, and I love finding new ways to mix them up with other pieces every summer. Let me know what are your must-haves this summer!

Talk to you soon,



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