8 Places on My Travel Bucket List



So as promised in my last post about all the places I have travelled to last semester, here I will give you guys a list of the top places on my newly developed travel bucket list. The travel bug bit me hard after my semester abroad and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the next places I will visit. Most of my list consists of places here in the U.S. that I would like to see. I feel like I dedicated four months to exploring Europe, and now there is so much of the States that I need to explore. So here is the list of the 8 places currently on my travel bucket list, and little bit about what inspired me to want to see each of them.

  1. Big Sur, California– this is a place that I have wanted to visit for a really long time now. Something about the photos you see just seem so calm and peaceful. And, put me anywhere near an ocean and I will be the happiest girl on the planet. I would love to be able to just rent a car and drive along the coast and sit on the beach (all I ever want to do in life).
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana- I have always had a pretty big interest in NOLA and it’s culture, an interest that lead me to take a sociology class last semester that was all about the city. We looked at three main components that make up the dynamic of the city: the history of music like Jazz, the history of racism in the city, and the effects of Hurricane Katrina, and how they all impacted the people of New Orleans today. I was left with the impression that New Orleans is a very diverse and complex city with an incredibly rich culture, and I can’t wait to experience it all for myself.
  3. Savannah, Georgia– I have a thing for the South. I really want to see somewhere in Georgia, but I don’t have a huge interest in Atlanta. Savannah seems like the perfect place to spend a few relaxing days and see some cool things. Also, I have a friend from New Jersey who will tell you all day long that Georgia peaches are really from Jersey, but I would like to figure that one out for myself.
  4. National Park- I visited the Grand Canyon several years back and loved it, and I would love to visit another National Park. Yellowstone would be really cool, but I think my first choice would have to be the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Spending a few days driving and hiking through the park, and seeing beautiful sunsets and sunrises would be incredible. Definitely a trip to do while I am still young, and definitely one that would end with some really awesome photos.
  5. Scotland- the only place on my list that is in Europe. I didn’t get to see any of Scotland last semester, but Ireland was one of my favorites (Ireland is also the place that is top on my boyfriend’s travel list). I want to go back and do like a ten day trip and explore both Ireland and Scotland together. Great accents, great beer, and some really cool looking castles to explore.
  6. Charleston, South Carolina- Because Darius Rucker and ghosts. I don’t think I would need long here, but maybe four or five days to just walk around and take in the quaintness of the city would be so great. I also have always wanted to do one of those haunted ghost tours that they do there, especially the ones that are at night. I have always believed strongly in ghosts and I am one of those sick people who love scary movies and I enjoy being a little freaked out from time to time.
  7. Nashville, Tennessee- I guess I will start my saying that I am a crazy country music fan…that is really all I need to write to explain this one. But the city seems so up and coming and it seems like there is just so much to do and eat there (another thing I am crazy about). I follow a few Nashville bloggers and vloggers and it just seems like they can always find something new to do in the city. I would also do some serious internet stalking to make sure I am in the city the same time as Jessie James Decker because I have a die hard obsession with her crazy self.
  8. Texas- Inspired by my love for the shows Friday Night Lights (if you haven’t watched it, GO DO IT NOW), and Fixer Upper (Chip & Jo <3). I haven’t really pinpointed exactly where I want to see the most, but I think San Antonio would be first to see the River Walk and eat at some of the food trucks, and then next would likely be Austin. I would definitely invest in a pair of cowboy boots for the Nashville trip and this one. I really just want to feel like a Texan for a few days of my life…Texas forever.

So there’s all 8 of them. Once I give my bank account some time to get it’s $#!+ together after last semester I will start ticking some of them off and I will be sure to keep you all updated. If you want to see a bit of my semester travelling, check out my last post! Don’t forget to share with me some of the places on your travel bucket list!

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!



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